Q: What is it?
A: This is the project of ipadept.com. With this simple service you can check any IP address for several types of violations. The project also was created to tell you about our capabilities.

Q: What types of violations do you monitor?
A: We monitor and record the following types of violations:
Abuse - all kinds of abuses in the Web and networks (abusive activity, bots and scripts, web spam, forum spam...)
Attack - all kinds of attacks on IPv4 networks. Attacks on any service (web, ssh, mail...), brute force, scanning for vulnerabilities, DOS...
Malware - distribution of malware, botnet members, botnet command & control centers.
Spam - bulk e-mail spam.
Reputation - suspicious IP addresses with a bad reputation. Based on public monitoring and threat detection systems.
Proxy - public proxies seen in suspicious activity. We do not collect private proxies and vpn addresses.
Legit Bot - legit search crawlers, spiders, monitoring bots and so on.
Bot/scraper - heavy web harvesters, parsers, collectors complained about by resource owners.

Q: What are the terms of use?
A: 50 searches per day free. 1 request per second.

Q: What services can you offer? I need more requests!
A: We can offer a dedicated IP check service. Request rate up to 500 per second (and more on demand). A server can be located in a location suitable for you. Available the IP characteristics edit function and user characteristics. It is possible to provide additional characteristics:
- belonging to a Hosting/DataCenter;
- belonging to an ISP; ISP type;
- violations range statistics;
For contact please visit ipadept.com.

Q: Some addresses have Last Seen field and Not listed characteristic?
A: These are the addresses where violations were detected in the past. But now they are delisted.

Q: Why my IP address can be listed? I didn't break anything!
A: There could be many reasons for this. This may be due to hacked equipment, server, PC. The cause could be malware. Also your IP address can be dynamic and a previous user was hacked or misused the IP address. Or it could be NAT address (many people use the same public address).

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